Zelensky spoke about the key reasons for the prolongation of the war and the distance of the world

The President named five key dangers that keep Ukraine and Europe from ending the war and achieving peace.

Zelensky stressed that Ukraine continues to develop institutions according to European standards / photo

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky spoke about five key reasons for the prolongation of the war with the Russian Federation and the distance of the world.

Zelensky, in his address to the participants of the European Council meeting, stressed: if there are no delays or stagnation in cooperation between Ukraine and Europe, if joint efforts are resolutely directed towards a Ukrainian victory, then victory will be this year.

“The faster we act together, the more lives we save,” Zelensky said.

At the same time, the president named five key dangers that keep Ukraine and Europe from ending the war and achieving peace.

In particular, this is a delay in the supply of long-range missiles and modern aircraft to the Ukrainian army, a delay in the adoption of new tough sanctions packages, a delay in the implementation of the Ukrainian peace formula and the organization of a “peace summit”, a delay in Ukraine’s integration into the European Union.

“We can organize a summit in one of the world’s capitals – in one of the European capitals. Wouldn’t this add global strength to Europe? It would definitely add,” he said.

In the context of European integration prospects, Zelensky stressed that, despite Russian aggression, Ukraine continues to develop institutions according to European standards.

“The results are obvious: we survived the war, our institutions are acting against everything, the financial system, banks, all public services, the social sphere. And it is critical that there is no delay in the rapprochement between Ukraine and the European Union. protection of the European system. This meets the objective need to constantly strengthen Europe, because only constant strengthening guarantees permanent stability,” the president said.

He stated that Ukraine is ready for a decision to start negotiations on EU membership this year.

The President stressed that war teaches leaders that honesty between allies guarantees victory.

“I honestly noted five key dangers, five reasons for the prolongation of this war and the distance of peace. We must do everything so that there is no delay. And we can really do it. Europe knows how to be decisive. I know that you know how to value time. Let every meeting, every discussion, every day of our joint work brings closer the return of peace and the liberation of our land and all of Europe from the Russian evil.If Europe delays, the evil may have time to regroup and tune in to the years of war.It is in your power to prevent this.It is in our common strength liberate Ukraine from Russian aggression this year,” Zelensky said.

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