Galkin ridiculed Okhlobystin and Leps’ “convulsions” with Gazmanov (video)

The comedian “walked” through the corrupt artists.

Galkin supports Ukraine in this war / photo

Maxim Galkin ridiculed Russian artists who sold out to the Kremlin and are engaged in propaganda. The comedian and husband of Pugacheva did not forget about both the “old-timers” and the new stars who support the full-scale war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine.

According to Galkin, artists such as the singer Shaman are even better at rospropaganda. They, the humorist jokes, “spread wider and lick deeper.”

Pugacheva’s husband ridiculed Shaman’s new song, in which he calls on Russians to “get up”. According to the comedian, soon the Russians will hear the answer to this appeal in the Hague court. This song even came to Galkin in a nightmare.

So, the humorist dreamed that he was walking through the cemetery and heard the ominous voice of the Shaman. Galkin got scared and ran to the church. Further in his dream he saw a priest in a cassock. The comedian began to call him, but when he turned around, it turned out that this was the actor Ivan Okhlobystin. The propagandist shouted “Goyda”.

Galkin’s dream made the audience laugh. The comedian ridiculed the propagandists and how they “cave in”. According to Pugacheva’s husband, the average age of Gazmanov, Leps, Babkina and Dolina is approximately 70 years old. That is why Galkin calls a group of these propagandists “the Convulsions cooperative.”

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Recall that earlier Galkin jokingly “sent” Kirkorov to the war with Skabeeva’s head in his hands. The propagandist was so frightened that she threw a tantrum and even started talking about “a call to kill her.”

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