March 24: what is the national holiday today and signs of the weather, what not to do

The folk holiday on March 24 is known as Cuckoo’s Day, Antip-Zubnik, Sofron.

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On March 24, the Orthodox Church honors Saints Sophronius and Antipas. In Kievan Rus, it was believed that on this day lapwings and chaffinch arrive from wintering, and the cuckoo begins to sing. Also by this day, according to old beliefs, the movement of sap in the birch begins.

According to an old sign, if on this day a person heard the singing of a cuckoo, then you need to jingle money in your pocket. Then a person will have a lot of money all year. It is recommended that women cry when singing the cuckoo – then there will be no tears for the whole year. It was also considered a very good omen if swallows, cranes or jays sit on a house or on a barn. But to see a raven on the roof was a bad omen.

Saint Antip in Kievan Rus was considered a healer of toothache. He was prayed for in order to cure diseases of the gums and teeth.

The date of March 24 has long been considered very successful for marriage and for any romantic affairs. In ancient times, healers brought men and women together on this day. In general, the date is suitable for a declaration of love.

Also, March 24 is an extremely successful day for working in the garden and in the garden. It is already possible to start digging the site, fertilizing and the first plantings. Earlier we talked about what needs to be done in the garden in March.

What not to do on March 24

You can not eat meat, dairy products, fish and eggs on this date, as Lent 2023 continues.

On this day, you should not make promises and oaths, otherwise nothing will come true.

You can not quarrel with your parents, otherwise you will quarrel for a long time. Also, the daughter-in-law should not swear with the mother-in-law, so as not to completely destroy the relationship.

According to old beliefs, on this day you can not leave friends or relatives to look after the baby, otherwise the child will grow up capricious and naughty.

Signs of the weather on March 24

There are such signs about the weather on this day:

  • If the cuckoos have arrived, but the leaves on the trees have not yet blossomed, the year will be lean.
  • If the leaves on the willow have blossomed, then you can already plant onions, garlic and herbs.
  • Ducks bathe in a lake or river – soon it will get warmer.
  • The north wind blows – by rainy June.
  • Crows sit on the ground – to a cold snap, on branches – to heat.
  • If insects and spiders have already appeared, then there will be no more frosts.

It is important to note that in our time the climate has changed a lot, and not all old signs are relevant to us.

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