Russia is looking for mercenaries for the war against Ukraine – Resistance Center

About 100 mercenaries from Angola are known to have arrived in the Russian Federation and there are intentions to attract people from Belarus.

Russia is looking for mercenaries to participate in the war against Ukraine / photo

Russia is looking for ways to restore the offensive potential to continue the war of conquest against Ukraine. To cover the heavy losses, the occupiers are planning to bring in even more mercenaries.

The Center for National Resistance notes that the loss of mercenaries does not cause social tension in Russian society.

“Thus, the occupiers expect to attract up to 2,000 mercenaries from Belarus. We are talking about employees of the GuardService security company. It should be noted that GuardService is not just a private security company. It is the first such company in Belarus and was created by a special decree of Alexander Lukashenko in 2019 The “guards” are based on the territory of the former training center for Belarusian special forces,” the message says.

It is noted that it is also known about the arrival in Russia of about 100 mercenaries from Angola. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov personally agreed on their participation in the war against Ukraine during his visit to the African country.

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Russia’s recruitment of mercenaries for the war against Ukraine

Due to heavy losses among the personnel of the Russian occupying army in Ukraine, Russia began to attract foreign mercenaries. So, according to the Center for National Resistance, the enemy is recruiting people in the Balkans. It is noted that Serbs Dejan Beric and Zhika Radoicic are responsible for this process.

In addition, the media report that Moscow “buys” mercenaries from Syria and Palestine. In order for them to agree to participate in the Russian war against Ukraine, they are offered $350.

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