“The body was in the ambulance”: the commander commented on the suicide of a cadet in Lviv

According to the commander, the guy was not a victim of bullying, there was no pressure on him.

The commander commented on the suicide of a cadet in Lviv / photo Suspіlna

The commander of cadet Dmitry Gulchuk, who shot himself on the territory of the Lviv University of Internal Affairs, Stanislav Pas commented on the tragedy for the first time. According to him, there was no reason to believe that the guy could commit suicide.

In a comment to Suspilny, Pas said that he did not conflict with the guy Gulchuk, there was no bullying. The last few days of his life, the young man “always walked cheerful, laughed.” The commander said that Gulchuk asked to be fired several times in order to spend time with the girl.

“There were no such reasons to believe that he could do something with himself,” Pas said.

According to Pas, the deceased was a closed person, so communication with him was “difficult”, but the commander allegedly tried to establish contact.

“Sometimes I succeeded, sometimes I didn’t. There was no such situation for us to quarrel. We communicated with him as a commander with a cadet. Yes, he sometimes came to me for help, I always helped him as best I could,” Pas said.

According to preliminary data, cadet Gulchuk shot himself in the head with a gun. The guy was found still alive, but they could not help. The parents claim that they know about the son’s suicide note, but it allegedly disappeared. The commander assures that he did not see her.

“They said there was a suicide note, but I didn’t see it. I arrived about 20 minutes later, the body was in the ambulance and I didn’t see that note,” Pas said.

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Suicide of a cadet in Lviv: what is known

On March 19, an 18-year-old cadet shot himself at the Lviv State University of Internal Affairs. The guy allegedly shot himself with an AKS-74U machine gun while on guard at the post.

As it turned out later, before the cadet’s suicide, outsiders may be involved. Criminal proceedings will also be investigated under the article on incitement to suicide.

The day before, the cadet’s parents told about the last SMS and the probable suicide note of their son. According to them, the son could be driven to suicide.

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