A Lviv citizen’s esophagus ruptured after a glass: a rare disease is to blame

The man was rescued in the operating room for two hours.

A man with a rare symptom was rescued in Lviv / facebook.com/moz.ukr

Doctors from Lvov spent almost a month saving a man whose esophagus had ruptured after a glass of alcohol. The patient was diagnosed with a rare pathology – Boerhaave’s syndrome.

According to the First Medical Association of Lviv, a 49-year-old Lviv resident became ill after a feast. The man vomited and complained of pain in the left hypochondrium. Because of this, the man was hospitalized.

“Doctors from the emergency department did an ultrasound of the internal organs and a chest x-ray. The causes of the pain were not found. At the same time, he became even worse. And experienced doctors understood: most likely, the man’s esophagus ruptured. In medical language, this is called Boerhaave’s syndrome” , the doctors noted.

Examination of the mucous membrane of the esophagus, stomach and duodenum using an endoscope confirmed the diagnosis of physicians. This syndrome in medicine is also called “banquet esophagus”. Pathology usually occurs as a result of excessive vomiting after a feast or drinking alcohol.

“In medical practice, such patients rarely occur. Up to 50% of patients, doctors manage to save within six hours after the onset of sudden pain – the main symptom of a rupture. Further, the chances of life in such patients decrease. After all, food enters the mediastinum of the chest and a purulent process begins “, said the doctors.

Doctors saved the man for two hours in the operating room. The man spent 26 days in intensive care, on the 27th he was transferred to the Department of Surgery.

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