Deripaska said that Russia was turned into a country of baboons

In Russia, the population barely makes ends meet, and the state lives off the sale of natural resources.

Oleg Deripaska critically walked through the Russian economy / photo REUTERS

The economic model of Russia is similar to the way of life in the country of baboons, where the population barely makes ends meet, and the authorities in the “corpse pose” are quietly watching. This was stated by Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska in his Telegram.

“We live off the rent from oil and gas, like baboons from East Africa, barely making ends meet. Putting off the development of both Siberia and the Far East again“ for later ”, he wrote.

Deripaska noted that over the past 12 years there has been neither “substantial economic growth” nor growth in the population’s income in Russia.

“And we in shavasana (“corpse pose” for relaxation in yoga – ed.) continue to watch how life passes by,” the oligarch complains.

The situation in the Russian economy

Oleg Deripaska, who in the past was considered one of the oligarchs closest to Putin, has been a frequent critic of the Kremlin’s economic policies of late. He recently stated in particular that the model of “state capitalism” built in Russia has failed.

Of course, Deripaska is right that the Russian state is trying to live mainly on oil, without striving for special development of other sectors. Even now, the Kremlin is trying to finance its war against Ukraine with oil revenues.

However, this economic model makes Russia extremely vulnerable economically. Due to Western sanctions, the country’s oil and gas revenues fell by half, which immediately led to a huge budget deficit, which no one knows how to cover now.

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