Ksenia Mishina in leather shorts spread her legs on camera (photo)

The actress has published footage taken at a photo shoot in the studio.

Ksenia Mishina posed in a candid photo shoot / photo Ksenia Mishina, Instagram

Actress Ksenia Mishina, who recently boasted the results of losing weight, conquered with her chic forms in a new candid photo shoot. So, the Ukrainian actress shared pictures taken by a professional photographer in a photo studio.

In the frame, Mishina appeared in a tight latex top, leather thongs and over the knee boots. Minimal make-up is applied to the face, and the hair is styled with a “wet” effect.

“On Saturdays, you can,” Ksenia signed her daring pictures.

Opinions of commentators about these photos were divided.

Mishina showed candid photos / photo instagram.com/misha.k.ua

Social media reaction

  • “Fire!”
  • “If it was really beautiful, then there would be a lot of compliments from men in the comments. Otherwise, they just hold back so as not to offend, because you are a good person … Return to femininity, it suits you more”
  • “I like you, but this is too frank”
  • “This is not a feminine beauty, but rather a mannequin”
  • “I like it! A very daring image of a self-confident woman! Ksenia, you inspire!”
Mishina showed candid photos / photo instagram.com/misha.k.ua

It should be noted that recently the star of the TV series “Fortress” and “Doctor’s Oath” said that she was unhappy with her body and her weight. To remedy the situation, she began to train intensively and switched to proper nutrition. Thus, in just 4 months, she was able to achieve ideal parameters for herself.

However, subscribers did not appreciate this and wrote that Mishina was allegedly unnaturally thin. The actress did not respond to the hate.

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