The secret to perfect cleanliness: how to wash a shirt to make it easier to iron

Colored and white hard collared shirts will be as good as new if you wash them in a combination wash.

Shirts can be washed by hand and in a typewriter / photo REUTERS

A lot of people think that a dirty cotton shirt with a stiff collar is better to dry-clean than to launder at home, but this is a misconception.

There is a very simple way that will achieve two goals – get rid of dirt and make future ironing easier. This method can be called combined, since it involves a combination of hand washing with washing in a machine. First, let’s deal with the nuances. Please note that UNIAN has already explained how to remove yellowness from a collar on a shirt.

Do I need to button up a shirt when washing?

Usually shirt buttons are buttoned up so that this type of clothing does not wrap around the drum of the washing machine and does not intertwine with other things. Cotton shirts need to be washed separately and do not need to be spun at high speed, so buttoning the buttons during washing is not necessary.

We have clarified this important nuance, now we can proceed to a detailed description of washing different shirts. First you need to separate the white shirts from the colored ones and prepare everything for hand washing.

How to wash shirts with a hard collar – the right way to work with colored things

Pour liquid powder into warm water. Take a degreaser with soda – it removes dirt and does not harm the fabric and color. You need to spray the product on the collars (apply more product on things with a high level of pollution). Then leave things for 10 minutes to soak in the product. After that, take a plastic brush, dip it in the liquid with the powder and use it to wipe the dirt from the collars.

Treat the cuffs in the same way. Lay the unbuttoned cuffs of one sleeve wrong side up, and the other with an overlap on top of the front, treat with a degreaser and wipe off the dirt with a brush soaked in a powder solution. Then turn the cuffs over, move them to finish the raw edges, and rub with a brush. Lay the cleaned shirt in prepared water with powder.

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Shirts prepared in this way should be left to soak for 10-15 minutes, and then sent to the machine.

How to wash a white shirt by hand – life hack

Washing white shirts with a stiff collar is a little different from working with colored items. First of all, this concerns the solution in which such things must be washed.

Powder and bleach should be added to the water. If things are soaked in bleach before they get into the machine, then the effect of his work will be better.

How to wash a shirt by hand

Take a plastic brush, dip it in a solution of bleach powder, and then scrub the dirt from the collar.

After that, treat the cuffs with a degreaser, dip the brush in the solution and clean off the dirt with it. Leave the shirts to soak for approximately 30 minutes. Those dirt that remains should be washed off during washing in a typewriter.

Is it possible to wash shirts in a washing machine – important things about washing color and white

After the shirts are cleaned and soaked, feel free to send them to the washing machine – the most important thing is that you do not need to select a program with a high temperature. To wash pre-cleaned colored shirts, a program that involves washing at a temperature of 30 degrees will suffice.

White shirts should be machine washed at a higher temperature of 40 degrees. If you select a higher temperature, the shirts will shrink a lot.

How to wash shirts in the washing machine, and what rules to follow when washing white

The clothes were pre-soaked in powder, so pour only conditioner into the machine during washing. Do not choose long washing programs and high spin speeds.

If you do not want the shirts to be very wrinkled after washing, dry them on a coat hanger, after unbuttoning the cuffs and straightening the fabric. If you do all this, there will be a minimum amount of folds on the shirts.

This will come in handy – on what mode to wash shirts in the washing machine quickly and easily

If there is no serious dirt on the shirt that needs to be removed by soaking, you can immediately send it to the washing machine. Choose a delicate wash – it is she who involves washing at a low temperature, and low spin speeds are recommended for her.

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