Hungary demands ceasefire: Szijjártó made a strange statement

Budapest compared the negotiations on Ukraine with its historical traumas.

Peter Szijjarto offered to start negotiations now / photo REUTERS

Hungary insists on a ceasefire and the beginning of peace negotiations on Ukraine, but this does not mean that Budapest agrees to leave the occupied Ukrainian territories to Russia. This was stated by Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto in an interview with AP.

“You know, stopping the war and sitting down at the negotiating table does not mean that you accept the status quo,” he said.

According to Szijjarto, the borders of Ukraine and Russia after the completion of the peace talks and the end of the war “not at all necessarily” will pass where the front line passes today.

“We know this from our own history… The ceasefire must come now,” the minister stressed.

It should be noted that, following the results of both world wars, Hungary each time lost most of its territories precisely as a result of peace negotiations.

Prospects for peace talks with Russia

Earlier, President Volodymyr Zelensky has repeatedly stated that Ukraine will not conduct peace talks with Russia until it withdraws its troops from Ukrainian territory. In early October, Zelensky issued a decree banning negotiations while Putin is in power in the Russian Federation.

The Ukrainian president explained such a categorical position by the fact that Putin will try to use the negotiation process in order to buy time to strengthen the occupied territories and prepare a new phase of the war.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz quite clearly explained why negotiations with Russia now do not make sense. According to him, today Putin is ready to discuss only how everyone should obey him.

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