Is Putin Keeping His Promise to Deploy Nuclear Weapons in Belarus: White House Response

The administration says the US “will just have to see where it goes.”

Is Putin keeping his promise to deploy nuclear weapons in Belarus: White House response / REUTERS

The White House maintains that so far there is no sign that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin has fulfilled his promise to station nuclear weapons in Belarus.

“We have not seen any indication that he has followed through on that promise or moved any nuclear weapons,” National Security Council strategic communications coordinator John Kirby said in an interview with CBS.

Also, a Biden administration official noted that the United States “will just have to watch where it goes.”

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Recall that the first reaction of the United States to the latest nuclear threats to Russia was restrained. They only noted that so far there are no signs that Moscow plans to use its nuclear weapons, and stressed that last year Belarus and Russia discussed an agreement on the deployment of tactical nuclear weapons.

Putin’s New Nuclear Threats

Earlier this week, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin announced his intention to comply with the request of the unrecognized President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko to deploy tactical nuclear weapons on Belarusian territory. The Republic of Belarus has already received the Iskander missile system suitable for using nuclear projectiles, and the construction of a special storage facility in Belarus is currently underway.

Germany and several other European countries responded by accusing Putin of attempting “nuclear scare.” EU chief diplomat Josep Borrell threatened the aggressor country with new sanctions and stressed the personal responsibility of Belarus. And Ukraine demanded to immediately convene an extraordinary meeting of the United Nations Security Council on this issue.

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