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Named the sexiest parts of the body for each sign of the Zodiac / Photo -

Astrologers have talked about which parts of the body are the sexiest in different signs of the zodiac. Cancers boast cute cheeks, Scorpios have a graceful neck, and Aquarians make you fall in love with their charming eyes. Read more in the material.


Aries often have an incredibly toned body, but more often than not, their perfect abs are striking. In order for the cubes to be visible, Aries spend a lot of time and effort in the gym.


Taurus can attract members of the opposite sex with their charming lips. As a rule, Taurus’ lips are naturally voluminous, so they don’t need any beauty shots.


Gemini can boast of sexy hands. As a rule, men born under this sign have rather broad shoulders and strong arms with pronounced veins, while women have delicate and graceful hands.


The strong side of Cancers is the cheeks. Cute dimpled cheeks are what people fall in love with literally at first sight.

a lion

The sexual part of Leo is the buttocks. Representatives of this zodiac sign sometimes do not even need to go to the gym to keep them in perfect shape. Lions know about this strength of theirs, so they don’t hide it under baggy clothes – they love stylish and moderately revealing things.


The sexiest part of a Virgo’s body is her thighs. In addition, Virgos are very plastic, so their walk is something that you can look at forever.


Libra can boast of calves. This is not only the sexiest, but also the most sensitive part of the body for representatives of this zodiac sign.


Representatives of this zodiac sign have a graceful neck, so they are wearing clothes with a deep neckline that does not hide this zone.


Astrologers say that Sagittarians are attractive with their décolleté. Sagittarius women often have a very sexy bust, and men can “play” with embossed pectoral muscles.


Capricorns often have a wasp waist that you want to show off to others with short tops or tight clothes.


Aquarians can amaze with their eyes. It is difficult to resist and not succumb to the seductive charms of the representatives of this zodiac sign, if they begin to flirt.


Pisces women attract with their graceful hands and feminine fingers, and in Pisces men the sexiest part of the body is athletic and moderately embossed legs.

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