Bulgaria calls for negotiations after Putin’s threats

According to the vice president, what is happening threatens “a serious war.”

Bulgaria reacted to the Kremlin's intentions to place nuclear weapons in Belarus / photo ua.depositphotos.com

In Bulgaria, they said that a serious war threatens the world if the authorities of Russia and Ukraine do not sit down at the negotiating table.

Vice-President Iliana Yotova, commenting on Russian President Putin’s plans to deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus, said that everything is becoming “more dangerous and scarier”, so countries need to start negotiations, writes Radio Bulgaria.

“This is our desire, because, as you can see, a greater number of armaments in all countries leads to unpredictable decisions that practically threaten a serious war. I hope that reason will nevertheless prevail and that in this case we are talking more about threats than about real actions,” Yotova told reporters.

Negotiations with Russia

As you know, the Ukrainian authorities have repeatedly stated that negotiations with Russia are possible only after the aggressor country withdraws its troops from the territory of Ukraine.

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In the fall, President Volodymyr Zelensky said he had received signals through partners that the Russian dictator was ready for negotiations. He proposed a public form of negotiations, but Moscow said that such “does not happen.”

In addition, Zelensky explained that Russia is using the negotiation process only to buy time to recuperate.

In February, the speaker of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation, Valentina Matvienko, said that Russia was ready to negotiate if Kyiv “does not put forward conditions.”

Also, the Russian side refuses to discuss Ukraine’s peace formula presented at the G20 summit.

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