So that the brains do not rust: interesting logic puzzles for children and adults

If you are looking for puzzles for adults that will make you think, then you have come to the right place. Our collection contains tricky riddles for adults to train your mind.

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Welcome to the world of mysteries! Here you will find everything you need for an exciting pastime – logic puzzles, riddles for adults, complex riddles and logic riddles that will help stretch your brain and relax.

Logic riddles are a great way to test your ability to analyze and solve complex problems. They can be simple or complex, with or without a catch, but in any case, they are always interesting and grab attention. And riddles about nature and animals, riddles about winter and water will help your children get to know the world around them and have fun and informative time.

Riddles for adults

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Riddles for children

  • Call her by her name and she will disappear (silence).
  • What lifts you up and down, but is itself in place? (Escalator).
  • What will be better if you trample it? (Path).
  • What does not chew, but devours everything? (Fire).
  • Where I am, there she (shadow).
  • Inanimate, but walking, motionless, but leading (road).
  • Does not flap its wings, but flies; not a bird, but overtakes birds (airplane).
  • What is it: they have four colors, they change them every three months? (Seasons).
  • I met her by chance. I tried to get her, but she went further and further away. What is this? (Splinter).
  • Who was born in the sky and buried in the earth? (Rain, hail)

Logic puzzles for children and adults

  • A barrel of water weighs 50 kilograms, what needs to be added to make it weigh 15 kilograms? (Hole).
  • Which word always sounds wrong? (Wrong).
  • The train goes with the wind. Where does the smoke go? (The electric train has no smoke).
  • How many peas can go into one glass? (Not at all, peas do not go).
  • What do they drop when they need it and pick it up when they don’t need it? (Sea anchor).
  • What dishes can not be eaten? (From empty).
  • What can only be shared once? (Secret).
  • What gets bigger when you turn it upside down? (Number 6).
  • How many years in a year? (One summer).

  • What teeth are the last to appear in humans? (Artificial).

  • What happens when a drum is divided into a drum? (Drumroll).

  • The boy says: “It rained so badly yesterday, and my father did not take an umbrella or a hat. When he appeared at the door, the water poured from him in streams, but not a single hair on his head got wet. Take shelter from the rain within a mile radius of there is no place for our house – there is bare steppe around. Why didn’t a single hair on the man’s head get wet (The boy’s father was completely bald).

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