APU has already destroyed more than 1,500 Russian Orlan-10 drones – Ignat

Ukrainian aviation is doing everything possible to shoot down enemy missiles and drones.

APU easily shoot down UAVs

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have already destroyed more than 1,500 enemy Orlan-10 drones.

This was announced by the speaker of the command of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Yuriy Ignat on the air of the telethon. According to him, these statistics do not take into account quadrocopters and tactical-level UAVs.

Ignat added that the grouping of enemy aircraft, which attacks our country from several dozen airfields, has increased quantitatively, but has become much worse in quality.

“Unfortunately, they still have the potential to carry out attacks from the air, and our military pilots are doing everything possible, and sometimes even impossible, to resist the aggressor, trying to shoot down his missiles and UAVs,” the speaker stressed.

He noted that the occupiers increased the activity of tactical aviation and the use of guided bombs. It is possible to resist this thanks to the new technology of our partners, these are fighters.

Enemy UAVs at war

According to the General Staff, the total number of destroyed enemy drones as of the morning of March 28 exceeded 2,200 units.

As UNIAN previously reported, Russia is experiencing a shortage of reconnaissance UAVs “Orlan-10” of domestic production. The New York Times notes that Moscow sees a way out of the crisis in the purchase of more Iranian drones.

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