In Odessa, about 50 trees fell due to a storm, two people were injured

One of the victims is an elderly woman with multiple fractures.

Storm warning in Odessa / photo

In Odessa, about 50 trees fell due to a storm, two people were injured.

“Today, a strong wind in Odessa led to the fall of about 50 trees and large branches. Public utilities are working quickly to eliminate the consequences of bad weather. As a result of bad weather, two people were injured, they were hospitalized in medical facilities,” the press service of the city council reports.

According to the press service of the Center for Emergency Medical Aid and Disaster Medicine of the Odessa region, one of the injured persons is an elderly woman.

“In the Malinovsky district of Odessa, as a result of a storm, a tall tree fell on several cars. As a result, an elderly woman was badly injured,” the press service said.

The victim was given first aid when the rescuers of the State Emergency Service removed the tree with the help of special equipment. The woman received numerous fractures, her condition is serious.

Bad weather in Ukraine – latest news

As UNIAN reported earlier, large-scale blackouts occurred in Ukraine due to bad weather. The blackout was recorded in eight regions in the west and south of the country.

Yes, in Uzhgorod the hurricane broke trees, tore the roof off the store and overturned the benches.

On Wednesday, March 29, a storm warning was also announced in Ukraine.

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