Putin decided to go to the end in the war against Ukraine: the expert pointed to the sign (video)

The occupiers are actively beginning to transfer obsolete military equipment.

Russia wants to use obsolete tanks in the war / screenshot

A video has appeared on the network of how Russian rare equipment is moving in a column somewhere. Russia is also removing old obsolete T-54s and T-55s from storage.

Military expert Pyotr Chernikov explained on the air of the telethon that the appearance of this ancient military equipment among the Russians indicates its forthcoming transfer to the war against Ukraine.

“This is another argument that the strategic and qualitative potential of the Russian army is moving towards zero. They cannot oppose anything good to us. At the same time, the philosophy of using just such weapons has a certain negative, it indicates that Putin decided to go to the end,” says the expert.

Chernik stressed that the Russian Federation is running out of high-quality equipment, we are talking about T-72, T-80, T-90 tanks. They are becoming a colossally scarce material. Therefore, this is why the Kremlin resorts to infantry tactics, that is, it throws the military into battle without the support of equipment. But, unfortunately, says the military expert, Russia still has human potential.

Russia removes ancient T-54/T-55 tanks from storage

On March 22, analysts at the Conflict Intelligence Team (CIT) reported that Russia was removing old Soviet T-54/55 tanks from storage.

Later, satellite images appeared, indicating that the Russians were pulling the reactivated ancient tanks from the Far East. Also, a video was “leaked” to the network, how these antique tanks are distilled by rail.

Military expert Alexander Musienko considers the removal of the T-54/55 tanks from mothballing a signal that Russian stocks of equipment are running out. That is, they are not as bottomless as Russian propaganda claimed.

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