Issued a subpoena in another area: the lawyer explained what to do

The specialist advises to draw up an act of refusal when it comes to a short-term business trip or trip.

You can refuse the agenda / photo TSN

Mass distribution of subpoenas continues in Ukraine. Lawyer Artem Krikun-Trush recommends that in one case, those liable for military service refuse to hand over this document.

As he explained in the comments of the UP, we are talking about the case when a person left for a short time on his own business or on a business trip to another region, and at the checkpoint they try to call him to the local military registration and enlistment office.

Krikun-Trush says that in this case they draw up an act of refusal, because you did not change your place of residence, therefore the representatives of this shopping center have nothing to do with you.

“As soon as you leave for another region, you are required to register with the military within seven days only in two cases: you changed your registration or you are an internally displaced person,” the lawyer explained.

Who can refuse to serve a summons?

Earlier, lawyer Andriy Novak said that Ukrainians liable for military service have the right not to take summons. He named the conditions under which it is possible to refuse to serve this document: this is a violation of the procedure for serving subpoenas; the document is handed over by unidentified or unauthorized persons; the summons was issued to another person.

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