Losses of Russians in Ukraine crossed a new “red line”

Many more enemy tanks have been destroyed on Ukrainian soil, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine noted.

Hundreds more enemies were liquidated / photo UNIAN, Alexander Sinitsa

Russia’s losses in the war as of Wednesday, March 29, have crossed a new “red line”.

Over the past day, 610 opponents were eliminated, and now the total enemy losses are 172,340 people, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said.

In addition, 7 more invader tanks, 6 artillery systems, 1 multiple launch rocket system, 1 aircraft, 4 operational-tactical level drones, 5 vehicles and tank trucks, as well as 1 unit of special equipment were destroyed.

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On the morning of March 29, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that the opponents attacked our defenders more than 50 times in the Avdeevsky, Bakhmut, Liman and Maryinsky directions. Enemy attacks were repulsed.

Deputy Head of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Anna Malyar said that the occupiers continue to concentrate their greatest offensive capabilities in the Bakhmut direction and carry out an information-psychological operation about the situation in Bakhmut.

In the Donbass, the enemy is suffering huge losses. Recall that the total losses of the Russian Federation in Ukraine on March 28 amounted to approximately 171 thousand 730 opponents.

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