Rivalry between the US and China in the Middle East has reached a critical phase – media

The United States is gradually losing its influence in this region against the backdrop of strengthening China’s partnership with Iran and Russia.

The US is losing influence in the Middle East in favor of China - media / photo

The confrontation between the United States of America and China for zones of influence in the Middle East has escalated to the maximum not in favor of American democracy.

This is stated in an article in the Arab newspaper Al Sharq Al Awsat. The media note that against the backdrop of the war in Ukraine, American diplomacy began to lose the activity that the Chinese Foreign Ministry launched in the Middle East region.

In particular, China’s success in normalizing relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran is mentioned, as well as the effectiveness of Xi Jinping’s foreign policy in establishing ties between China, Iran and Russia.

In addition, the situation in the Middle East is not in favor of the United States influenced by Moscow’s attempts to reconcile Syria with Turkey, and China – Syria with Saudi Arabia, the media write.

For its part, Washington is also trying to strengthen cooperation with China’s adversaries in the Indo-Pacific region. In particular, the United States managed to make an unprecedented breakthrough in diplomatic relations between foreign policy opponents Japan and South Korea (for a long time the latter was considered one of Japan’s colonies).

However, this may not be enough against the backdrop of China’s successes. The publication believes that the US should strengthen its position in the Middle East more globally in order to restore its status as the main “player”.

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Tensions between the US and China could spark conflict with India

Recall that the increase in China’s influence in the Indo-Pacific region and tension in relations with the United States may lead to open hostilities on the border with India.

New Delhi and Washington are currently members of the Quad strategic alliance, which was formed in 2004 to deter Chinese aggression through the combined efforts of Australia, India, the US and Japan.

Indian Army Commander Manoj Pande recently spoke to Bloomberg about worrying trends that could lead to increased rivalry between the United States and China for influence in the region.

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