The original scheme of deceiving people during the exchange of currencies was revealed: the drone was working (video)

The attackers deceived three citizens and embezzled tens of thousands of dollars and euros.

Attackers used a drone to steal currency from people / photo

Law enforcement officers exposed scammers who used a drone to steal money from people during the so-called “currency exchange”.

This was reported by the Communications Department of the National Police of Ukraine. The report notes that the defendants acted according to a scheme developed in advance: they placed ads on the Internet with a proposal to purchase foreign currency at a better rate than in other exchangers, and at the same time they were only interested in large amounts.

“The attackers agreed to meet with a potential buyer, then rented a room to “arrange” the exchange office. They made a special “repair” in the prepared MAF. So two holes appeared in the room: in the ceiling – for a quadrocopter, with which they stole money, and in the wall – for the “worker” to escape, the police said.

The message says that when the “cashier” received money for exchange, she immediately called the “head” with a request to “open the safe” – this was the signal for the accomplice – the drone operator. “Then she transferred the money to a grid attached to the drone and called the “manager” again, but this time she asked to “close the safe”: after these words, the drone with the money disappeared, and the employee of the “exchanger” ran away through the “emergency exit.” Only then the client understood that he had been deceived,” police said.

The police detained the defendants during another fraud attempt. The drone with the money they were trying to embezzle managed to land.

At the moment, it has already been established that the defendants deceived three citizens and appropriated about 50 thousand euros and 25 thousand US dollars. Currently, measures are being taken to establish the involvement of malefactors in similar crimes on the territory of the state, as well as to expose the full range of persons involved in illegal activities.

It is reported that investigators exposed an organized criminal group that committed fraud in various areas of the state, it consisted of five people: three men and two women, who clearly distributed “functions” among themselves.

Law enforcement officers conducted searches at the places of residence of the defendants, as well as in the garage premises and cars that they used during the preparation and commission of crimes. As a result, cars, an unmanned aerial vehicle and its control panel, money and license plates, which the attackers used to “cover” during the commission of crimes, were seized.

At present, all members of an organized criminal group have been declared suspected under Part 4 of Art. 190 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (fraud). They face a penalty of imprisonment for up to 12 years with confiscation of property.

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