Russia may form 50,000 troops in Moldova for invasion – expert

Moscow may launch a second front of hostilities against Ukraine in the event of the formation of its pro-Russian power in Moldova.

The Russian Federation may form a 50,000-strong group in Moldova to open a second front against the Armed Forces of Ukraine - expert / Illustration REUTERS

Military-political observer Alexander Kovalenko said that Russia is capable of forming a combat grouping of 50,000 people on the territory of Moldova, which will “nightmare” the Ukrainian front on the territory of the common border.

Kovalenko wrote about this in his Telegram, explaining why an independent Moldova is so important for Ukraine, which will not play the role of a conditional overlord of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

He clarified that the scenario of Russia’s seizure of Moldova by force is quite real. Considering the potential of the Russian contingent in Transnistria at the level of 1,700 people as part of the 82nd and 113th Motorized Rifle Brigade, as well as the illegal armed formations of the “PMR” at the level of about 7.5 thousand people, Putin can quickly cut off the northern territories of Moldova from the center. In particular, the grouping can seize the airfield of Merculesti, then go to Balti and further “close” the north of the country, capturing Falesti. This will cut the main highways M14 and M2 and block the entrances to Chisinau, Kovalenko notes.

Then the southern and northern groups will relatively quickly ensure that the main group reaches Chisinau, which will simply have no chance of resistance without the help of third parties, since the capital of Moldova is already overwhelmed with Russian agents, says Kovalenko.

According to the military-political observer, after the establishment of the power of the Russian Federation in Moldova, new Russian “tourists” will begin to actively arrive there, which will eventually make it possible to form a military group of 20 to 30 thousand people within 3-4 months, and later build up forces to 50 thousand. Further, Putin can throw these detachments to the southwest as part of the creation of a second front against Ukraine.

“Such a grouping will force the Armed Forces of Ukraine to pull additional forces into the Odessa, Vinnitsa and Chernivtsi regions to prevent threats – that is, the chilling effect will increase many times and will increase,” Kovalenko said.

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Ukraine can “solve” the problem of Transnistria

Recall that, according to Ukrainian military expert Roman Svitan, the Armed Forces of Ukraine can “solve” the problem of Transnistria in a few weeks by clearing the Russian contingent in the territory of the republic artificially created by Russia.

For this, it is enough that the leader of Moldova, Maia Sandu, officially asked the Ukrainian authorities to intervene in the situation and send their troops to Moldova. This was stated by President Volodymyr Zelensky, pointing out that Ukraine honors the sovereignty of Moldova and will not intervene in the conflict on its own.

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