April will bring a lot of pain to these zodiac signs: they will be betrayed by the closest people

The new month will not be easy.

In April, Virgos may suffer because of their exactingness / UNIAN collage

Astrologers have compiled a horoscope for April and told which zodiac signs are at risk of losing their love. It turned out that representatives of some signs face serious trials. To whom the new month will bring a lot of pain and betrayal – read below.


Aries should not take people at their word. They are trying to deceive you, the cunning plan is weaved not by distant acquaintances, but by the closest people. Perhaps even your soulmate is against you.

Try to take the blow with dignity. Do not sort things out, just let the liars go and do not try to prove something to them. Soon they themselves will realize that they were very wrong. However, forgiving those who betrayed is not worth it. Such people will stick a knife in the back again.


In April, Virgos may suffer because of their exactingness. You often expect too much from people, and they simply get tired of pleasing you. Astrologers advise Virgos to moderate their ardor, otherwise they will be left alone.

A breakup can bring a lot of pain. Close people who seemed to be the most faithful and honest in an instant can turn into strangers who do not want to hear anything about you. All of this can be avoided. Try to find compromises.

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