ChatGPT is changing the job market, new positions with up to $335,000 per year

Artificial intelligence has spawned a search for footage that can prompt it
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The job market related to OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology registers increasing number of new jobs in UK and USA. They are mostly sought after operating engineers to write messages or prompts for artificial intelligence.

The responsibilities of the so-called “prompters” include improving artificial intelligence and training company employees to use ChatGPT technology. The new positions have high salaries, from $175,000 to $335,000 a year, Bloomberg noted in a report on labor market trends.

The new valuable skills

American artificial intelligence startup Anthropic, founded by former OpenAI members, offers such compensation for operations engineer and “librarian” positions, according to a job posting on its website.

Mark Stenden, head of AI, machine learning and automation recruitment at global HR agency Hays, says experienced consulting engineers can self-report their salary expectations. “Salaries start at £40,000, but we have candidates on our database looking for between £200,000 and £300,000 a year,” says Stenden.

The best-paying positions target candidates with PhDs in machine learning or ethics. Those who already have experience in starting an AI company can also look forward to high salaries.

About what skills are needed for the position of prompter, says software engineer Albert Phelps – he was hired for this position in a British consulting company that helps the financial sector analyze data. Phelps calls such employees “artificial intelligence whisperers.”

According to him, HR departments of companies give priority to specialists with classical humanitarian education, which implies deep knowledge in the field of philosophy, history and the English language. This is explained by the fact that artificial intelligence must learn to understand puns, metaphors and idioms.

Phelps studied history at Britain’s Warwick University and then worked as a risk consultant at Scotland’s Clydesdale Bank and British financial conglomerate Barclays Plc. Later he became interested in artificial intelligence technologies. Now he writes five tips (or more accurately hints) a day about ChatGPT technologies, which users then use.

Adrian Weller, director of machine learning research at the University of Cambridge, agrees that prompts are a key way for people to interact with chatbots, so experts who understand this are especially valued. At the same time, the need for such employees will soon disappear – so everyone should hurry, advises the expert.

Accelerated development and concerns

Since the beginning of the year, artificial intelligence technologies have been developing in a forced mode. It turned out that the chatbot ChatGPT is able to write such a high-quality thesis that none of the members of the university committee will notice the substitution – some students are already benefiting from this.

Microsoft recently introduced an artificial intelligence that can write code on demand in natural language. Another neural network from OpenAI, GPT-4, led to layoffs of programmers – some companies decided to replace them with AI.

Earlier this week, an open letter appeared on the website of the organization Future of Life, which called for a pause in the development of powerful AI systems. Its authors turned to the creators of artificial intelligence. The document was signed by the CEO of Tesla, SpaceX and Twitter – Elon Musk, the co-founder of Pinterest – Evan Sharp and the co-founder of Apple – Steve Wozniak.

The text of the letter asks truly existential questions: Should machines be allowed to flood our news feeds with propaganda? Should all jobs be automated? Should we develop non-human minds that can outnumber us, outsmart us, and replace us?

“Should we risk losing control of our civilization?”, the leaders of global IT corporations ask their main question.

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