The banker predicted a “leap” of the dollar before Easter: what to expect from the currency

During the Easter period, the hryvnia may well strengthen within 2-3%, the expert noted.

On March 30, the hryvnia exchange rate against the dollar strengthened by 15 kopecks to UAH 38.10/USD.  / photo

The dollar exchange rate in Ukraine on the cash market in the next two weeks before Easter will fall by several percent.

This forecast was made by Herman Marchenko, Director of the Treasury Department of Joint Stock Company Cominbank, noting that during the Easter period the hryvnia may well strengthen within 2-3%, Channel 24 reports.

“This is due to the fact that the costs of citizens may increase significantly, which has already manifested itself in an increase in demand for certain categories of products. Consequently, the sale of cash currency may increase, which at the moment will affect the retail purchase rate,” the banker said.

Dollar exchange rate in Ukraine in 2023 – expert forecasts

Analysts at Concorde Capital predict that the average dollar exchange rate in Ukraine in 2023 will be at the level of UAH 36.6/USD. According to analysts, the NBU’s reserves will amount to almost $31 billion.

In the macro forecast of the ICU investment company, it is noted that the dollar exchange rate by the end of 2023 will be 40.2 UAH / USD, and GDP growth will be 2%. Experts are sure that the Ukrainian economy has stabilized after last year’s fall of 29%, and this year a barely noticeable economic recovery of 2% is expected due to improved security and logistics.

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