When Patriot air defense systems will take up combat duty in Ukraine: probable dates announced

Military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have completed training on American air defense systems.

Ukraine is about to receive American Patriot missile systems / photo US Army

Military expert Oleg Zhdanov named the approximate dates when the American anti-aircraft missile systems (SAM) Patriot will take up combat duty in Ukraine.

He made the corresponding statement, commenting on the news that the military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine had completed training on the American Patriot air defense systems, which they took place at the Fort Scilly base in Oklahoma.

“Our servicemen have already left the United States for Europe, where they will join the rest of our military, who are being trained at the European training center, and will already accept the Patriot system and arrive in Ukraine with it,” he said. “I think this is a question of the nearest weeks.”

According to the expert, the fighters will take up combat duty on the territory of Ukraine already at the new complexes in the first half of April.

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American Patriot air defense systems for Ukraine – what was reported

As UNIAN wrote, on March 30, the Pentagon announced that Ukrainian fighters had completed training on the Patriot air defense system. A total of 65 servicemen were trained.

Prior to this, CNN reported that Patriot air defense systems would be deployed in Ukraine faster than originally planned.

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