The mayor of Khmelnytsky reacted to the beating of the military priests of the UOC-MP: he promises to take the land

The Khmelnitsky City Council will consider the issue of terminating the use of all land plots of the UOC-MP.

Simchishin: Moscow FSB agents in the form of the UOC-MP should be banned / UNIAN photo, Vyacheslav Ratinsky

At an extraordinary session of the Khmelnitsky City Council, the issue of terminating the use of all land plots of the UOC of the Moscow Patriarchate will be considered.

Thus, the mayor of Khmelnitsky Alexander Simchishin reacted to the beating of a military man in one of the temples of the UOC-MP in this city.

“The Moscow FSB agents in the form of the UOC-MP should be banned throughout the country. The anti-Ukrainian sabbath that has been taking place in the capital in recent days and the beating of a military man in Khmelnytsky should become a reinforced concrete argument for the Verkhovna Rada to vote for the bill on the ban: once and for all to ban this FSB den. At an extraordinary session, we will stop using all land plots on the territory of the community. We are also initiating the decision of the regional and district councils,” he said.

Simchishin stressed that those who beat the military should be prosecuted, and the patrol officers who drew up a protocol against the military should be fired.

“After such events, those priests who have at least a piece of Ukrainian are obliged to immediately leave the FSB structure,” the mayor emphasized.

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Beating by the priests of the UOC-MP military in Khmelnitsky

As you know, today a video was circulated on social networks, showing how in one of the churches in Khmelnytsky a “priest” of the UOC-MP and believers beat a military man who asked how many more people would have to die so that they would stop attending the church of the UOC-MP.

Witnesses called the police to the temple. Subsequently, in a commentary to local media, law enforcement officers said that the issue of bringing the military to administrative responsibility under Art. 173 KUoAP (petty hooliganism), because he started a verbal altercation and threw the Gospel on the floor.

Also, on the fact of beating a serviceman, law enforcement officers opened criminal proceedings against a priest under Part 2 of Article 296 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (hooliganism).

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