After the increase in taxes on fuel, drivers will begin to receive “left” checks at gas stations – expert

According to the expert, due to the return of pre-war taxes, gasoline will rise in price by 10 hryvnia per liter, and diesel fuel can add up to seven hryvnia per liter.

VAT will be increased from 7 to 20% / photo UNIAN, Victor Kovalchuk

Once fuel taxes are returned to pre-war levels, drivers will start receiving “left” checks at gas stations, as some owners will evade paying VAT and excise.

This opinion was expressed by the founder of the “Prime” group Dmitry Leushkin in a commentary to the UNIAN agency.

According to the expert, VAT will be increased from 7 to 20% and the excise tax will be returned in full, which was in effect before the war, then gasoline will rise in price by 10 hryvnia per liter, and diesel will add up to seven hryvnia per liter on the stele.

Leushkin warned that as long as the VAT is 7%, the market does not make sense to actively use fuel as a tool for “rolling” and cashing out, due to low margins and high risks, so sellers do not do this. But the increase in taxes will provoke the entry of businessmen into the market, who will benefit from breaking the law.

“When there is 20% VAT, which is about 8-10 hryvnias per liter of fuel, for this money it will already make sense to evade taxes and trade for cash. Many gas stations will sin with this. checks to lower VAT. And fuel in barrels will be sold for cash,” he said.

The expert noted that in this way, the “gray schemes” that existed before the war could return: twisting, cashing out and, as a result, the “show masks” and the nightmare of business on the part of the security forces will return.

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Fuel taxes during the war

In March 2022, the fuel tax was reduced from 20% to 7%. In addition, the excise tax was abolished.

On August 30, 2022, the Rada supported the return of the excise tax on fuel.

Later, the chairman of the financial committee of the Verkhovna Rada, Daniil Getmantsev, said that reducing the tax on fuel at the beginning of last year was a mistake.

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