Deceptive Pink Moon April 6: what the full moon is preparing

What color will the moon be and why look at it over your right shoulder.

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April 6, 2023 is the first full moon after the spring equinox. Despite its gentle name, the Pink Moon at this time greatly affects a person. When to observe the full moon and why it is important to be careful during this period – read in the UNIAN material.

Earlier we published the lunar calendar for April 2023 with favorable and unfavorable days.

Pink Moon – what does it mean

The name “Pink Moon” was coined by the Indians of North America. They named the full moon in April in honor of the flower – the styloid phlox, which blooms just at this time. But the Moon itself has nothing to do with pink – it will be quite ordinary.

Interestingly, the Chinese call this period the Peony Moon, the Celts the Growth Moon, the Cherokee the Flower Moon, and in the Southern Hemisphere the Harvest Moon.

The pink full moon is the first after the spring equinox, which is why it is also called Easter. Western Christians celebrate Easter on the first Sunday after the full moon, April 9th. Orthodox celebrate April 16 – they also count from the first full moon after the equinox, but already according to the Julian calendar.

When will the Pink Moon – the exact time

The moon will be in its full moon phase April 6 at 06:34 Kyiv time. It will be possible to observe the full moon for several days before and after the event.

What can you do on a full moon

On the day of the full moon, astrologers advise to reflect on life. On a full moon, you can:

  • make plans and choose new scenarios;
  • make peace with those with whom in a quarrel;
  • try to create something – draw, write poetry, at this time new abilities open up;
  • dedicate time to body and soul – for example, start losing weight or meditating.

It is also important at this time to keep your thoughts clean – remember that their color sets the color of your life, and the full moon only enhances their energy.

What not to do on a full moon

The full moon strongly affects a person against his will – this must be taken into account and be extremely careful at this time. To avoid trouble, during the period of the full moon, you do not need:

  • to conflict with someone – keep the sphere of communication under control, remove aggression and be more restrained;
  • from the same considerations one should not sort things out and make important decisions;
  • start a new job;
  • borrow money and make loans;
  • overeating and abusing bad habits;
  • arrange holidays and weddings.

It is best to try to move away from all possible provocations for the full moon period and wait out this time in a secluded corner.

Full moon signs for happiness and wealth

On the full moon there are interesting signs:

  • You need to finish all the old things before the full moon – this way you will ensure success in your work and attract money.
  • With a full moon, you need to hold a wallet in your hand to become richer.
  • If you look at the full moon over your right shoulder, you will be happy.
  • If you see a shooting star on the full moon, there will be good luck in your personal life or you will soon meet your destiny.

There is also a sign that you cannot make a marriage proposal on the full moon – the marriage will be short-lived.

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