In the Microsoft browser, now everyone can create a picture using a neural network

The Image Creator tool is based on an extended version of the DALL-E neuromodel for creating images from a textual description.

AI Image Generator Appears in Microsoft Edge Browser / Screenshot

In the Microsoft Edge browser for all users, regardless of the computer OS, the function of generating images through the DALL-E neural network has been launched. It can be found in the sidebar.

Image Creator was introduced at the end of March. The technology is based on an extended version of the DALL-E neuromodel from OpenAI for creating images from a text description. In addition to the Microsoft Edge sidebar, Image Creator can be found in the Bing AI chatbot as well as a standalone service.

To use the function in the Microsoft browser, simply click on the Image Creator icon in the sidebar and write in words what you want to create. The created image can be downloaded and used anywhere.

And in the stable version of Microsoft Edge, a tool for sharing files and documents between devices is now working – it’s called Drop. In the Drop box on the sidebar, you can “drop” documents or images, and soon they will be in the same section of the browser on other devices.

Recall that earlier the most popular neural network for generating images MidJourney has been updated to the fifth version: now the pictures cannot be distinguished from real photos. The developers have increased the detail, speed of work and the level of elaboration of faces. In addition, AI began to better “understand” requests.

However, not so long ago, MidJourney developers temporarily suspended the free trial version of the neuroalgorithm due to viral images of Trump’s arrest. The image generator was used too often to create “deepfakes”, which its creators did not like.

At the same time, UNIAN shared a selection of the best neural networks that draw by words. To achieve an incredible result, it is not necessary to be able to draw – just correctly formulate a text query or select existing pictures.

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