Aloy Orientation: Horizon Forbidden West DLC lets you have a romance, but only with a girl

Another Sony character has joined the virtual LGBTQ community.

Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores / фото Guerrilla Games

There is a new addition to the virtual LGBTQ community. The developers from Guerrilla Games revealed the orientation of the main character Aloy in the Burning Shores add-on to Horizon Forbidden West. It turned out that she prefers girls.

Even before the release of the supplement, Sony released a video in which she talked about Seika. This is the new companion of Aloy from Burning Shores, played by actress Kylie Leah Page. The video reported on the opportunity to have a close relationship with a partner. And after the release of the add-on, it became known that Seika was the only romantic partner.

Guerrilla Games has not implemented alternatives, and Eloy declares his orientation very clearly. According to The Gamer, at one of the moments of the passage, the companion will say to the main character: “I want to be with you and hoped that you feel the same.” Players are free to agree or refuse with two lines. However, in the latter, Aloy says that she is not ready for a relationship and that this is “too much” for her. That is, the heroine in any case will confirm her non-traditional orientation. In the refusals, she does not mention that she prefers men, but simply refers to her personal emotional state.

LGBTQ activists enthusiastically received the news of Aloy’s orientation. But some users did not like the opportunity to have an affair only with a girl. So now there are heated discussions in social networks and specialized resources.

More about Horizon Forbidden West

  • This is the sequel to the open world action adventure Horizon Zero Dawn.
  • The plot unfolds in the distant future, where humanity has returned to the primitive system, and robotic animals have become the owners of the planet.
  • The main character of Forbidden West was the hunter from the Nora tribe – Aloy. She traveled to the west coast of the former United States and encountered new robots and threats there. In the second part, it also became possible to explore the underwater space and fly on a glider.
  • Horizon Forbidden West was released on February 18, 2022 for PS4 and PS5. The game received 88 points from critics and an 8 out of 10 rating from users.

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