They opened a digital innovation hub in Plovdiv

Companies that follow the path of digital transformation are more profitable, said Minister Georgi Todorov (photo: Ministry of e-Government)

The Minister of e-Government, Georgi Todorov, opened today in Plovdiv the European Digital Innovation Hub “Trakia”. The initiative focuses on digital transformation and cyber security of businesses and municipal structures.

“Innovative digital solutions are a step towards a better future and companies that follow the path of digital transformation are more profitable. The development and effective implementation of new technologies would lead to a competitive economy and attract new investments in every area”, said Georgi Todorov.

According to him, one of the main priorities of the caretaker government is improving digital connectivity. Its implementation is a topic that is indirectly related to cyber security and the provision of reliable cyber protection, added the minister.

The hub will support small and medium-sized enterprises and municipal structures in the South Central region with training and information on financial tools to increase cyber security.

“Cyber ​​security builds trust in technologies and systems, and hence trust in the state,” said Todorov.

The project is worth BGN 3 million and has a duration of 3 years. It is financed under the “Digital Europe” program by the European Commission and under the national program “Research Innovations and Digitization for Smart Transformation” by the European Fund for Regional Development.

The Ministry of e-Government is directly involved in building a sustainable and safe cyber environment and works daily to raise citizens’ awareness and increase business confidence on all topics of effective cyber protection, assured Georgi Todorov.

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