Libra – a fatal mistake, Taurus – a kiss and a smile: a horoscope for Tarot cards for April 21

Aries will meet a person they completely forgot about.

It is better for cancers to give up bad habits / photo

On Friday, April 21, Libra should give up important decisions, they can make a terrible mistake. And Taurus is waiting for only good events, they are lucky in love and at work. What awaits other signs of the Zodiac on this day – read in the horoscope using Tarot cards below.


Aries will meet a person they completely forgot about. Not the fact that this meeting will be pleasant. Try not to get angry.


Tarot cards promise Taurus a day of smiles and kisses. You will forget about all the problems and be able to enjoy the company of your loved one. If you do not yet have a soulmate, then you can meet her.


April 21 Gemini should pay attention to their friends. Perhaps next to you is a person who started something very bad. Try to stop him.


It is better for Cancers to give up bad habits. Take a walk in the park, go in for sports or simply sleep off. Take care of yourself.

a lion

Tarot cards promise Leo a pleasant surprise. You will realize that there are many good people around you. Be grateful for what they do for you.


On Friday, Virgos should give up revelations. Keep secrets to yourself. Do not share your secrets with people, they can be used against you.


Scales should be extremely careful. You risk making a fatal mistake. Refuse important decisions, do not agree on anything.


Scorpions can rest. On this day, they seem to stop noticing you, but this is only for the good. Enjoy the status of “invisible” and forget about all the important things.


Sagittarians will learn to compromise. You will have to resolve a difficult dispute. Show your best side and do not try to cheat.


On April 21, Capricorns are waiting for a new acquaintance. You will meet a very interesting person who can teach you a lot. Use the knowledge gained to achieve your goals.


Aquarius is waiting for passion. On this day, you will be overwhelmed with emotions. Try not to make mistakes, passion can turn into anger.


Pisces will forget about all the problems. A fun day and meeting with friends awaits you. However, do not forget to make time for your soulmate.

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