In Uman, a cat was rescued from the balcony of a “terrible” high-rise building (video)

We are talking about the house that the Russian army hit with rockets on April 28.

A cat was rescued in Uman, who had been waiting for three days on a balcony that had survived the explosion / screenshot

In Uman, rescuers of the State Emergency Service managed to save a cat, which had been waiting for rescue for three days after a Russian missile attack on the city on April 28.

The animal “stuck” on the balcony of a scary house, which was hit by a Russian missile during a massive shelling of Ukraine. Rescuers did not allow the enemy, in addition to the 23 victims who had already been pulled out from under the rubble, to kill a small animal.

We are talking about the apartment of internally displaced persons, who on April 28 lost two young children due to shelling.

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Today Uman is experiencing the second day of mourning due to the shelling of the Russian Federation

Recall that today, for the second day in a row, Uman residents are mourning for the dead victims of the Russian missile attack. On the eve of the city buried 5 Ukrainians, including young children Sophia and Cyril.

Today, people bring flowers, lamps, children’s toys to the place of the missile attack – things that say goodbye to the 23 victims of the Russian strike. On this terrible day, in addition to adults, 6 small children died.

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