Lions – heavenly pleasure, Gemini – accident: tarot card horoscope for May 2

Libra should think about their mistakes.

Scorpions better refrain from criticism / photo

On Tuesday, May 2, Leos will enjoy the tranquility and receive a nice gift. And the Gemini will not be lucky, they should be more careful. What Tarot cards promise to other signs of the Zodiac – read in the horoscope below.


Aries can be embarrassed. Keep an eye on your belongings, be sure to check if everything is taken before leaving the house. An unpleasant incident can greatly spoil your mood.


Taurus will get a lucrative offer. Tarot cards believe that on this day, representatives of this sign should compromise. Don’t sacrifice your interests, but don’t let your selfishness take over.


May 2 Gemini will be very upset. They are in danger of an accident, it may turn out to be a breakdown of something important or a situation that will greatly knock you out of your working rhythm. Try to avoid disaster.


Cancers should take a break. Don’t force yourself to interact with people if you don’t want to. Sometimes loneliness helps organize thoughts and think about everything.

a lion

Lions will experience heavenly pleasure. They will have a lot of fun and spend their time as they please. Don’t forget about your friends, invite them for a walk.


Tarot cards promise Virgo spontaneous profit. You will find that your work is highly valued. Make the most of it, don’t be shy.


Libra should think about their mistakes. In the past, you could greatly offend a person who will reappear in your life in the near future. Be prepared for this.


On Tuesday, Scorpios better refrain from criticism. Do not express your opinion if it can offend someone. Sometimes you need to remain silent, especially if you are not asked to comment on something.


Archers can have fun. On this day, you can teach those who you do not like a lesson. Allow yourself a little pranks, but do not go too far.


Tarot cards advise Capricorns to do household chores. You should put things in order at home and throw away things that you no longer need. This will help you get rid of excess weight.


May 2 Aquarians are at risk of going all out. Do not succumb to temptations, give up bad habits. Everything can end in a serious scandal.


On Tuesday, Pisces can unravel someone’s secret. Perhaps this will give you the answer to a very interesting question. However, do not abuse what you now know everything.

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