Microsoft has opened up access to Bing with artificial intelligence to everyone

Microsoft’s Bing Internet search engine is getting smarter
(photo: Microsoft)

Earlier this year Microsoft launched the AI-enabled Bing search engine based on ChatGPT, which users could take advantage of by invitation. Now the company is making this functionality available to everyone, with one limitation: you must sign in to your Microsoft account through the Edge browser.

Microsoft’s new move underscores Redmond’s commitment to pushing its innovation to market, even as artificial intelligence (AI) technology has raised concerns about inaccuracies and over-emotionality.

At the same time, Microsoft has significantly modernized Bing Chat, adding many new features and even support for third-party plugins. For example, without leaving the chat, you can reserve tables in a restaurant through OpenTable or ask the bot to play an interesting movie through Apple TV.

The next step is to search for images and videos directly in Bing Chat. Soon it will be possible for users to claim photos or videos of objects, animals, places and more. Microsoft is also expanding Bing Image Creator to more than 100 languages, which will no doubt make it easier for a wider range of users to use.

The company also added a much-requested feature to Bing Chat: history. First, the chat history will be downloaded automatically on all the user’s devices. Second, when opening a link from a Bing Chat reply in Edge, the chat automatically moves to the sidebar so that the user can continue to interact with the bot while browsing the site and asking contextual questions.

Soon the Mobile Edge browser will also get this functionality. And third, the history of previous chat sessions can be included in the bot’s responses to new conversations.

More than 100 million active users visit Bing daily, according to Yusuf Mehdi, Microsoft’s vice president of artificial intelligence initiatives. Their numbers have increased significantly in the past few months.

“We believe this project will be a game changer in reimagining search and empowering developers in search,” says Mehdi. “We look forward to sharing more details at Microsoft Build later this month.”

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