They dragged a dead man together: APU staged a “rain of fire” on the occupiers (video)

After the work of our aerial reconnaissance, two Russian “misfortunes” could hardly drag their front-line “comrade”.

APU staged

The Armed Forces of Ukraine gave the enemy a real “fire” rain in one of the directions of the front and once again proved that only death awaits the Russians in our territories.

So, as a result of the attack, the occupiers, in addition to equipment, missed one of their “comrades”: the Russian ghoul had to be dragged feet first across the fields of Ukraine. The personnel was amused by the StratCom of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Telegram.

They noted that the air reconnaissance officers of the 30th separate mechanized brigade named after M.V. Prince Konstantin Ostrozhsky.

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Armed Forces of Ukraine avenged the shelling of Ukraine in the Taurida direction

Recall that today the Armed Forces of Ukraine especially diligently destroyed the invaders at the front. As you know, over the past week, the enemy has already organized 4 massive attacks on Ukraine, using drones and missiles. This night is no exception: Russian troops launched 24 kamikaze drones, 18 were destroyed.

Already in the evening it became known that our troops in the Tauride direction had inflicted significant losses on the Russian army. Almost two companies of invaders were destroyed, as well as more than 28 pieces of equipment.

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