Flower Moon: what the full moon is preparing May 5, 2023

The full moon in May 2023 coincides with a lunar eclipse.

Full moon in May 2023 / pixabay.com

Why the full moon in May is called flower, when it comes and what will coincide with the eclipse of the moon bring – in the UNIAN material.

Flower Moon – why is the full moon so called

The name “Flower Moon” for the full moon in May was coined by the Indians of North America – at this time the flowering season began on the continent. In other parts of the world, the full moon in May is called differently:

  • the Chinese have the Dragon Moon;
  • the Celts have a Bright Moon;
  • for the Cherokee, the Moon of agriculture;
  • in the Southern Hemisphere – Beaver or Frost Moon.

To our latitudes, where flowering also begins in May, the Indian name is suitable – the flower full moon.

When is the full moon in May 2023 – exact time

Full moon will come May 5 at 19:37 Kyiv time. The full lunar disk can be observed a day and a day after the event.

What is special about the May full moon

The full moon this month coincides with a penumbral lunar eclipse – one of the rarest. It will occur from 17:14 to 21:31 Kyiv time, and its peak will come at 19:22 Kyiv time.

What not to do on a full moon in May

The full moon has a strong energy and influences nature and man. During this period, both animals and people become restless, their mood often changes, sleep is disturbed, a person performs strange and unpredictable acts. According to astrologers, the lunar eclipse in May enhances the energy of the full moon, so at this time you need to be especially restrained and not be led to any provocations.

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What not to do on a full moon:

  • start something new – work, business, start new projects, as everything can go awry;
  • enter into disputes and conflicts;
  • engage in heavy physical labor and take on work beyond the norm;
  • borrow money and arrange loans, make large purchases – they will be unsuccessful;
  • succumb to gloomy thoughts;
  • drink alcohol, heavy food;
  • try to hold on to what is going out of life.

Also at this time it is better not to go on long trips and business trips.

What can you do on a full moon

The full moon gives a person a lot of energy, but the lunar eclipse makes it destructive – that is, instead of creating, a person can destroy everything. Therefore, during the full moon period, it is important to direct all energy in a good direction.

What to do on a full moon:

  • put things in order in the house;
  • put up with those with whom in a quarrel;
  • engage in creativity – at this time hidden talents awaken;
  • watch your thoughts and try to think only about the good.

Try to spend this time as calmly as possible, watch your diet and control emotions and actions.

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