“If you don’t want it, you choke on dumplings”: Russia came up with a tough tax

The State Duma proposed the idea of ​​combating the “poverty” of the Russian army.

Russia wants to introduce

The Russian State Duma came up with a new “wartime” hard tax to write off money for the needs of the army and the families of the mobilized.

The local deputy Mikhail Matveev distinguished himself with the corresponding idea. He proposes to introduce a “target tax on entertainment” and withdraw 1% from all checks in cafes and restaurants, so that the Russian army would not be so insulting to vegetate in “poverty.”

“Foreign nationals and Ukrainians will find themselves in a difficult situation: if you go to cafes and restaurants, you help the Russian army. If you don’t want to, you cook dumplings in the kitchen,” he pointed out.

Later, Matveev, in an interview with Russian media, hinted that this measure would probably be included in the tax code. He believes that Russian wallets will be able to cope with the “entertainment tax”.

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The State Duma wants to tighten the tax for those who have gone abroad

Recall that recently a new draft law on increasing taxation from employees or freelancers who have lost their tax residency in Russia was submitted to the State Duma of Russia.

If earlier the base rate was at the level of 13-15%, now the tax is proposed to be doubled to 30%. At the same time, the Russian Federation threatened that the corresponding rule would apply to all Russians who, while abroad, still use the Russian segment of the Internet.

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