A hedgehog was rescued in Kyiv, which unsuccessfully opened the “beach season” in Obolon (video)

The animal climbed into a local reservoir and almost drowned.

In Kyiv, a small hedgehog almost drowned in Obolon / photo Pixabay

In Kyiv, a small hedgehog unsuccessfully opened the “beach season”. The animal nearly died trying to escape the heat.

We are talking about an incident that occurred in Obolon, Realny Kyiv reports. The animal climbed into a local reservoir and began to drown.

It was possible to save the “small” thanks to the operational work of the builders, who pulled out the hedgehog with the help of an excavator.

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In New Zealand there was a curiosity because of a hedgehog

Recall that recently a curious incident due to the rescue of a hedgehog occurred in New Zealand during an Air New Zealand flight. Then the animal ran onto the runway of the local Dunedin airport just at the time when the plane was planning to land.

As a result, the air carrier delayed the flight, and the pilot announced to people that he would not budge until the hedgehog was rescued.

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