Social networks reacted with discontent to Sweden’s victory in Eurovision

Most people write that they supported the Finnish rapper Käärijä.

On May 13, Loreen from Sweden won the Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool. She scored 583 points in total. In second place was Finland. Käärijä scored 526 points. Israel received 362 points, placing in third place.

Almost immediately, a post about the winner was made in the official Eurovision Instagram blog, but the opinions of commentators on this matter differed. Most write that Finland should have won. But there are those who congratulated Loreen on another triumph (in 2012 she already won Eurovision – ed.).

Network reaction to the winner

  • “Just a sucky version of ‘Euphoria’ (2012 Loreen entry – ed.) Norway or Finland should have won”
  • “Eurovision-2023 is krinzh (shame, – ed)”
  • “Finland is the real winner”
  • “Finland deserved to win”
  • “The fact that thousands of people in the hall shouting “Cha cha cha” have their mouths shut is a fact. But we know the real truth”
  • “The jury’s vote ruins the entire competition. The majority supported Käärijä”

Twitter users also expressed their dissatisfaction with the results of the contest. Many voice their support for Finland, as well as Ukraine. There are those who noted that this year’s competition was boring.

Earlier, UNIAN wrote about what is known about the winner of Eurovision 2023.

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