Ukrainian “slept through” mobilization and paid a heavy price

The reason for the man’s non-arrival at the recruitment center will seem unusual to you.

The man passed the VVK, but then did not arrive at the TCC / illustrative photo UNIAN, Alexander Prilepa

In Lviv, the Shevchenkovsky District Court considered a rather unusual case of a man liable for military service who is accused of evading mobilization. And the man claims that he simply “overslept” on the day when he was supposed to appear at the TCC.

As stated in the court verdict on the website of the Unified Register of Court Decisions, the next day the person liable for military service could not arrive at the recruitment center either, because, according to him, his parents were sick.

It is reported that the man passed the military medical commission, according to which he was declared fit for service. He received a summons and was supposed to arrive at the meeting place, but did not. And the reason for non-arrival seems rather non-standard.

He denied his guilt in evading the draft for mobilization without good reason and explained why he did not appear at the TCC:

“… having passed the military medical commission, he was ready to arrive at the place of conscription, however, on the day he was sent for mobilization, he overslept and did not arrive at his destination on time. The next day and all other days he did not arrive at the RTCC, because he could not appear in due to the fact that he has sick parents. Now he is ready for conscription for military service. “

The court sentenced the person involved in the case to imprisonment for a term of 3 years, but released him from serving it with a trial – set a probationary period of 2 years. The verdict can be appealed to the Court of Appeal within 30 days from the date of announcement.

What threatens for non-appearance at the military registration and enlistment office after the medical examination

If you ignore the summons to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the mobilization order, the dodger will face punishment. After passing the medical examination and recognizing the man as fit for service, he will face criminal punishment if he does not arrive at the TCC.

According to Art. 336 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, evasion of conscription during wartime is punishable by imprisonment from three to five years.

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