Tomorrow Ukrainians will see a rare da Vinci radiance phenomenon: what it is and how to observe it

The phenomenon caused by the reflection of sunlight from the Earth was first explained by Leonardo da Vinci in the 16th century.

On May 21, the light reflected from the Earth will illuminate the Moon / photo REUTERS

On May 21, residents of Ukraine will be able to observe a rare celestial phenomenon known as the da Vinci radiance or the ashen glow of the moon.

According to The Guardian, this phenomenon was first explained in the 16th century by Leonardo da Vinci, after whom the phenomenon got its name.

Da Vinci’s Radiance – what is it?

The da Vinci moonshine occurs when only 5% of the visible part of our satellite is illuminated by the light of the Sun. As the sky darkens, the unlit part of the moon will also begin to faintly glow – this is due to the so-called radiance of the Earth. During this phenomenon, the Earth reflects sunlight, which illuminates the Moon.

You can see the glow of da Vinci on May 21 at about 23:00 Kyiv time. It will be possible to observe the Moon illuminated by the Earth for several nights after May 21. This does not require special devices.

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Space exploration – latest news

A few days ago it became known that the Moon has an “iron heart”. Scientists have proven that in the center of our satellite there is a solid metal core, like the Earth.

In mid-May, it became known that more than 60 previously unknown satellites were found orbiting Saturn, and water was found on one of the comets near the Earth. Thanks to this discovery, scientists are one step closer to unraveling the mystery of where water appeared on Earth.

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