Horoscope for May 22: Pisces – abrupt changes, Taurus – calmness

Find out what the beginning of the week will give you.

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Astrologers have compiled a horoscope for all signs of the Zodiac for Monday, May 22. Aries will be filled and given many tools for self-expression, while Taurus will be calm and unhurried. Read more in the material.


Monday will be full of opportunities for self-expression. You will have to show your energy and determination in order to achieve the desired results. Be active and don’t be afraid to take the initiative.


Monday will be calm and pleasant for you. Try to enjoy the moment and devote time to your hobbies. Be open to new possibilities and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.


May 22 you will feel energetic and sociable. Perhaps you have an important communication or exchange of ideas ahead of you. Be flexible and open to new information flows.


At the beginning of the week, you may feel emotionally sensitive. Try to pay attention to your emotions and take time for yourself. Take care of your energy and surround yourself with the support of loved ones.

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On May 22, you will feel inspired and confident. Perhaps you have to stand out and showcase your talents. Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone.


You may feel a need for order and organization. Try to set clear goals and systematically begin to achieve them. Be attentive to details.


Be responsive, especially if loved ones ask for help. Do not reject them and do not leave them alone with their difficulties.


Scorpios should be honest. You should not deceive or try to “crush” someone with your authority, influence and omniscience.


Sagittarius should be confident in their abilities. On Monday, you may get the impression that everything is going against you, but these are just temporary difficulties that will end quickly.


Fate will give Capricorns pleasant acquaintances and communications with interesting people. Representatives of this zodiac sign will be inspired and motivated.


For Aquarius, the beginning of the week will bring activity, a lot of work, negotiations and disputes. Do not take personally the negativity heard on this day.


May 22 will give Pisces the opportunity to make a decision that will radically change their lives in the near future. Do not resist these changes.

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