The exchange rate of the dollar has changed in exchangers: how much does the currency cost now

You can sell American currency on average at the rate of UAH 37.15 per dollar.

The hryvnia has strengthened against the euro / photo from UNIAN

The cash exchange rate of the hryvnia against the dollar in the bank exchange offices in Kyiv today, May 24, weakened by 5 kopecks – to UAH 37.60 / USD.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, the hryvnia exchange rate for the euro has strengthened by 5 kopecks and amounts to 40.85 hryvnia/euro. You can sell American currency on average at the rate of UAH 37.15 per dollar, euro – UAH 40.20 per euro.

What happens to the course

According to the forecast of Sergey Fursa, Deputy Director for Securities Trading at Dragon Capital, the dollar exchange rate in Ukraine in June 2023 is unlikely to change dramatically. Most likely, it will fluctuate within the corridor from 36.5 to 37.5 UAH/USD.

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According to the head of the analytical department of Concorde Capital, Alexander Parashchiy, the demand for the dollar will be relatively low, because we will not have an outflow of foreign currency from financial transactions, and exports will most likely be at a relatively high level, so the situation in the foreign exchange will obviously not have significant changes. .

The National Bank explained in what currency it is now extremely risky to keep savings.

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