Tarot horoscope for June 2023: what the cards portend for all signs of the zodiac

The tarot card horoscope will tell you what good news June will bring you, and what you should be afraid of.

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Tarot cards can open the veil of the future and give a person clues on how to move forward. They do not predict the future, but only guide us on the right path and warn of problems. UNIAN compiled a horoscope of Tarot cards for June 2023 for each sign of the Zodiac.


Month card: Lovers

In June, expect a surge of passionate and emotional experiences. Be open to new lovers or deep emotional connections. Your relationship will flourish if you trust your instincts and follow your heart.


Month card: World

This month will be a period of harmony and balance for you. You will achieve success in your efforts and enjoy peace and contentment. This is a great time to realize your goals and create plans for the future.


Month card: Six of Swords

This month you will have an intensive period of communication and new acquaintances. Be prepared for the fact that you will have to talk a lot with people and receive guests. Also in June you can expect a business trip or moving. Romantic relationships in June will often be influenced by your significant other’s parents, and it’s best not to quarrel with them.


Month card: Hermit

You may need some time for yourself this month. Finding inner peace and reflecting on your life paths will be top priorities. Abstract from the noisy world and turn to your inner world. It will be useful to spend a few days alone with yourself and think about plans for the future.

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Month card: A pair of glasses

The card promises you an emotional storm in June, especially in the love sphere. If you have a loved one, then your relationship in June will become very bright and romantic. This month will be a period of strengthening your bonds and creating harmony in family life.


Month card: Six of Pentacles

This month, your focus will be on the practical aspects of your life and financial stability. Pay attention to your obligations, pay off your debts and finish what you started. June will be a period of new achievements in your projects and business. Try to use your resources wisely, do not forget about health and family.


Month card: Chariot

Your energy and determination will be important qualities this month. You will feel a strong inner discontent, prompting you to act more actively. You may have to overcome some obstacles, but you can overcome them with courage and determination.


Month card: Knight of Cups

The card promises Scorpions a pleasant meeting or a romantic date in June. The first month of summer will be very successful for you in the romantic sphere. In general, the card speaks of a carefree and pleasant time, a good opportunity to relax.


Month card: Three of swords

Sagittarius in June will face some challenges and contradictions, especially in the field of communication. Be careful what you say and avoid conflict. Sometimes you have to decide what is more important for you – to maintain a good relationship with a loved one or to be right.


Month card: Justice

You will have to make some important decisions this month that will affect your destiny. Try to be objective and fair in your assessments. The card also warns that in June you will have to face the consequences of your actions – both good and bad.


Month card: Seven of Cups

The card warns Aquarius about idealization, lies or self-deception. You are wishful thinking. The card advises you to be more objective and take a closer look at your loved ones – are they really sincere with you. Otherwise, life itself will forcibly remove rose-colored glasses from you.


Month card: Temperance

You will need to balance your aspirations and desires this month. The need to find harmony between the various areas of your life will be key. Take care of your health and don’t forget to get enough rest. June is not at all suitable for labor records.

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