The West has decided on the training of Ukrainian pilots on the F-16 in Europe

In particular, in the coming weeks, the foundations for the professional training of Ukrainian pilots will be developed.

Fighter F-16 will significantly strengthen the Ukrainian air defense / US Air Force

United States Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin notes that Denmark and the Netherlands will lead the European coalition to train Ukrainian pilots to fly the fourth-generation F-16 fighter.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, Austin said this at a briefing after a meeting of the Contact Group on Defense of Ukraine (the so-called “Ramstein-12”), which takes place online.

The US Secretary of Defense said today several allies and partners discussed plans to train Ukrainian pilots to fly fourth-generation aircraft, including F-16 fighters.

“Planning and executing this training will be a major undertaking, but coordinating this contact group will help make it possible. I especially want to thank Denmark and the Netherlands for choosing to lead the European coalition in providing F-16 training for Ukrainian forces. In the coming weeks, my Danish and Dutch Colleagues will work with the United States and other allies to develop a foundation for preparation,” Austin said.

In addition, as the US Secretary of Defense added, Norway, Belgium, Portugal and Poland have already offered to contribute to the training of Ukrainian pilots. “We expect more countries to join this important initiative soon,” Austin said.

He noted that the start of training of Ukrainian pilots now is an important indication of the long-term commitment to Ukrainian security on the part of international allies.

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F-16 for Ukraine – the main thing

On March 20, the White House made an official statement regarding its participation in providing Ukraine with F-16 aircraft.

Britain, Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands and Norway have already declared their readiness to participate in the training program for Ukrainian pilots. UNIAN also wrote earlier that those European countries that are already updating their aircraft with the F-35 generation – Denmark and the Netherlands – will play an active part in the transfer of the F-16.

The question of the timing of the training of Ukrainian pilots remains open, since the delivery of fighters will depend on this, in particular. During Rammstein 12, United States Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin announced that training of Ukrainian pilots on Western-made fourth-generation aircraft will begin in the coming weeks.

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