ChatGPT suffered a global overload crash

ChatGPT users in some countries had problems accessing the service
(photo: CC0 Public Domain)

ChatGPT, the AI-based chatbot, suffered a global crash. Users from the US, Europe, India, Japan and Australia temporarily lost access to the service as a result of server overload with requests.

OpenAI, the developer of the AI ​​platform, confirmed the existence of the problem and specified that the cause has been identified and the team is working to fix it. ChatGPT is now back up and running normally.

According to a post on Tom’s Hardware, the crash was only observed on the ChatGPT web interface page – the API tools, the lab, and the Playground remained functional.

When ChatGPT was fully restored, OpenAI released a statement and stated that the failure was caused by the increased load that the database created for several hours on the central processors of the infrastructure.

The cause of the crash has been identified and removed, and OpenAI specialists continue to monitor the operation of the systems, the company assures.

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