“Everyone makes money from this”: a famous boxer explained why Lomachenko lost to Haney

Sergey Derevyanchenko shared his opinion about the fight between Lomachenko and Haney.

Vasyl Lomachenko / photo by Top Rank

The famous Ukrainian middleweight boxer Sergey Derevyanchenko shared his opinion about the fight between Vasily Lomachenko and the absolute champion of the lightweight division Devin Haney.

The 37-year-old believes that Lomachenko, who was a contender in this fight, was not convincing enough to claim victory.

“I think it was a very cool fight. It was a close fight. To be honest, the first impressions – Devin Haney was a little better. But then I reviewed the fight and concluded that Lomachenko was better.

When we talked in the gym with our coaches about the fight, I just said that in an even fight they would give the victory to Haney. Lomachenko needed to box two, three heads higher. He needed to hit him the way he hit in the tenth and eleventh round.

This is business. It seems to me that they are looking at whose next fight they can sell for more. Haney vs some other boxer. Everyone earns from this, this is a very large market. That’s why everything happens. In such fights, you need to win by knockout or with knockdowns,” Derevyanchenko said in a comment to the TYKE MYSON YouTube channel.

Recall that the fight of Vasily Lomachenko against Devin Haney took place on May 21. The American boxer won by unanimous decision and defended the title of the undisputed world lightweight champion.

We add that Lomachenko has 20 fights in the pro ring (17 wins and three losses). Devin Haney has 30 wins in 30 fights.

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