Hundreds of occupiers and a lot of equipment: the Armed Forces of Ukraine immediately demobilized a battalion of Russians (infographics)

During the day, 25 units of artillery alone were destroyed.

The invaders suffered new losses in people and equipment / photo

The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed another 460 Russian invaders. This is stated in a message on the page of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Facebook.

It is noted that from the beginning of a full-scale invasion to May 26 this year, the total combat losses of the enemy among the personnel amounted to approximately 205 thousand 720 people. This is +460 killed per day.

Enemy tanks were destroyed 3,796 (+1 per day), armored combat vehicles – 7,435 (+3), artillery systems – 3,384 (+25), multiple launch rocket systems – 570.

In addition, 328 (+1) enemy air defense assets, 310 (+1) aircraft, 296 helicopters, 2,910 operational-tactical drones (+3), and 1,150 cruise missiles were destroyed.

Also, 18 enemy ships / boats were destroyed, 6 thousand 161 (+13) motor vehicles and tankers, 446 (+2) special equipment.

The situation at the front

In its morning report today, May 26, the General Staff reported that over the past day the enemy had launched four missile strikes and 55 air strikes. In particular, 36 Iranian Shahed attack drones were used – all of these air targets were destroyed.

Directly at the front, the intensity of fighting has recently been declining. The invaders are active on a broad front, but the number of attacks is noticeably less than a couple of weeks ago.

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